Why Join IAOTA?

Many Trade Associations and Industry Groups have struggled in the past with key areas critical to their success.  IAOTA helps Trade Associations and other Industry Groups that are faced with these concerns:

  • Unhappy With The Number Of New Members.
  • Challenges In Making Existing Members Happy.
  • Delays In Trying to Seize Important New Opportunities.
  • Difficulty in Providing a Total Solution for Member Problems.

How Does IAOTA Help?

We at IAOTA, help our members:

  • Create Reasons for New Members to Join their group.
  • Create New Reasons for Existing Members to Stay.
  • Quickly Seize New Opportunities for Their Members.
  • Provide Complete Solutions to Their Member Problems.
  • Create Income Producing Projects (non-dues revenue)

How To Join IAOTA?

IAOTA is constantly striving to give our members exactly what they want and need. The focus toward our members is to give… As little as you want, but as much as you need! We have developed a…   Custom Membership™  … approach to joining IAOTA.

What is Custom membership™?

Our approach to membership is called Custom Membership.  Our ongoing goal is to provide as much customized service as possible, to our members.  Therefore, your membership in IAOTA should be as tailored to your organizations needs as possible. A Custom Membership in IAOTA will… Give Your Industry An Outstanding Project, to help You take your Group, From Today to Tomorrow. A Custom Membership in IAOTA will… Give you and your Industry the Experience of Mutiple Industry Groups and IAOTA Development Partners, Which will help you to not go it alone. If you think you are the entire picture,  you will never see the big picture. ~ John C. Maxwell,  The 17 indisputable Laws of Teamwork

A Custom Membership in IAOTA will be…

  • Tailored to your specific Wants and Needs.
  • Focused On Your Goals and Objectives.
  • Designed with your Time and Financial constraints in mind.
  • Dedicated to Outstanding Results.

Why Custom Membership™?

Briefly, Custom Membership is important because:

  • Trade associations are at different levels of development.
  • Different Industries Need Different Solutions.
  • Trade and Industry Groups have large budgets, or, little or no budget.
  • Invest in what your organization needs. No more, No less.

Thinking About Joining IAOTA or You Have Questions?

Talk to us about Joining an IAOTA Project or creating a New one for your Industry.  We would be happy to talk to you about your needs, and let you know if there is any way that we can help. For requests, please visit our Contact Us page. How Does Custom Membership™ Work? How Do We Help Industry Succeed? Custom Membership is very simple, without being simplistic. Custom Membership is CUSTOM and PRE-MADE TEMPLATES Customization gives you Flexibility. bring your project will be brainstormed to new Heights. What You Don’t Know, Can Hurt You -anonymous Some of the benefits of Custom Membership are:

  • Start Small and Grow. One Piece At A Time…
  • Easy to Change.
  • Meets Virtually Any Budget.
  • Flexibility

Step1 Membership Models, Templates, Frameworks Custom Projects Balance between Flexible and Simple. SimplyFlexible. Custom Membership Membership Gaurantee IMPORTANT CONCEPT: IAOTA is the place to create Industry Projects. Like an operating system.

There Is Not One Reason To Join IAOTA, There Are Lots of Them.

IAOTA Works in Projects

All IAOTA members join one or many member groups

3)   These Member groups, focus on specific issues that need to be addressed

In fact, the way you join IAOTA is to join a member group, or to sponsor a new one

Below are some member group that may be of interest to you…

Industry Radar

Problem Radar

This member group focuses on identifying problems, before they hit!

It is a project that contributes to creating new member groups and projects.

As a new problem hits or gets close to hitting, any industry, typically other trade associations may also benefit by knowing it. Also, members may then become proactive toward preventing the same problems from affecting their organization. This information is then used as a basis for new IAOTA member groups. (Or Custom projects)???


IAOTA Provides...

World-Class Membership Development Services For Trade Associations

The International Association Of Trade Associations (IAOTA) pronounced "iota", is the premiere organization dedicated to the growth and development of Trade Organizations and the Industries they serve. IAOTA is committed to improving the economic well being and quality of life of all stakeholders internationally, within each Industry Trade segment.

Membership development is a challenging, and IAOTA is a dynamic resource, providing solutions for your every day needs, strategies for long term initiatives and a continuing commitment to your Industry's development. The experienced staff at IAOTA has delivered high quality, cutting edge programs and services to membership organizations throughout the world.

IAOTA’s product and service mix is based on the needs in the various Industries it serves.  Its core curriculum is identifying and developing the skill sets needed to practice effective membership development. IAOTA’s body of knowledge is based on the four areas:

Serving Well    - Promoting Legendary Service.
Serving Many   - Promoting Inclusion of All Stakeholders.
Serving Extra   - Promoting Exceeding Expectations.
Serving More   - Promoting Share of Customer, The Best Total Solution!


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